HMS Nelson camoflage color schemes Late-1941 - 1942
I'm after the color and camoflage color schemes for the British battleship HMS Nelson, circa late 1941 - 1942. I'm building a model warship for a sailor, Bob Wilkins, who sailed on it as its ...
by chadnezzzz
Embargo did not force Japan to fight USA in 1941
Hyperbole? Hardly. Planning goal? It all depends upon what you mean by the term. World conquest has been a multi-generation goal for Japan's leadership. Yet, Japanese military operations plans were ...
by rbartram
1941 Panzer Division
In 41, PRIOR to Barbarossa's start, how many tanks in a Wehrmacht Pz Division? Specifically, in the divisions involved in Operation 25, the Invasion fo Yugoslavia... TIA!! V-Man A Knight is sworn to ...
by juanorez
Any Books on Soviet Intelligence 1941?
Historians and buffs of WWII, Any decent books on what the Reds knew during WWII out there? Happy Holidays,
by Sweety
L.A. Times Horoscope, December 6,1941 ??
Hello the Net! Does anyone have the exact quotation of this ominous horoscope for the following day, Sunday December 7th?? The writer was almost prescient in his/her description of events to be ...
by Sounder
Why Japanese did NOT invade Calif 1941?
Why did Japanese NOT invade Calif 1941.? I think it is propaganda that the reason was because US citzens had guns in their homes. The reason was it was NOT necessary, Japanese did not have the ...
by Marcia
My father joined up 1940into pioneer corp 1941 discharged 1946 service numb...
my father joined up 1940into pioneer corp 1941 discharged 1946 service number647553
by Guest
What was the number of axis occupation troops in Greece from 1941-43?
... eneral number of axis occupation troops in Greece in total and breakdown by nationality between May 1941 and September 1943? You might be surprised I haven't found a single simple answer in several ...
by Phil Lyon
I served in ww2 and never was sent overseas. seved 1941 1945
I served in ww2 and never was sent overseas. seved 1941 1945
by Guest
Re: Best Soldiers at WW2?
I believe that the Greeks where truly the best/bravest soldiers. First off, at a speech at the Reichstag, Hitler said that the Greeks where the best and bravest warriors that they had ever faced... ...
by Alex
Re: Gustav Winter was supposed to be 1 of Hitlers High ranking o...
... and it the woman who wrote back. The program said 1945. Somewhere I read 1936 which contradicts the 1941-45 timeline unless somethings missing ...
by Robin Buehler
Re: Help: Recommend a comprehensive WWII history book?
I would recommend getting John Keegan's 'The Battle for History: Re-Fighting World War II.' It is an excellent survey of the histography of the war and makes many suggestions for further reading. It ...
by Lambofsatan
Re: Reason for Japan not invading continental US
Hi SAC I think you may have some valuable experience to share with all of us as "you were there" You were dealing with a very motivated enemy with lots of support from the population and battle ...
by Jake from London
Re: Victory tallies (enemy flags or symbols) on planes and ships
... g neat little national flags under the cockpit began with the AVG, the original 'Flying Tigers', in 1941-1942; through the publicity of the AVG, the practice spread quickly and became commonplace in ...
by manau
My father was a stoker on a mine sweeper from 1941 based at scapaflow how c...
my father was a stoker on a mine sweeper from 1941 based at scapaflow how can I find out which ship he was on he died 15years ago
by thomas commins
In April of 1941, the Axis powers invaded which country?
Can you name the countries that made up the Axis powers at that time as well as the country they invaded?
by Vale
Re: Why did Hitler kill Jews ????
:>4) Finally, Hitler and his cronies put together an organised plan, in :>January 1942 , at Wannsee to wipe out the Jews.This highly organised :>extermination was only the ideological PRODUCT of a ...
by Ricimer
What were the Japanese losses at Pearl Harbour?
What were the Japanese losses at Pearl Harbour? 'Taylor's 2nd Kill'- Painting by Tom Freeman The Japanese attack on the US Navy'
by pete hill
Re: If the maori battalion had of joined the german army would hitler won the w...
Not to my recollection but Erwin Rommel said to htiler "Give me 2 Australian division and I will conquer the world" I think you are miss quoting this quote. The circumstances were a conversation ...
by Daniel
Was the US Navy Pacific Fleet 'destroyed' at Pearl Harbor?
... l Harbor' by R G Smith A common description of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 is that it 'destroyed' the US Navy's Pacific Fleet moored there. The cinematic portrayals of ...
by pete hill
Re: Panzer Regiment Organization
Could you give me the ISBN Numbers from these books. I like to have them very much! I read his book 'Panzer Leader' and 'Achtung Panzer' but I didn't read that he changed his opinion on this matter. ...
by irochka
Re: Allied versus Russian Aircraft during WWII
Soviet aircraft were flying coffins according to the soviet air marshal Pavel Rychagov in 1941, who was shot by Stalin for making this remark
by Ajit kanagasundram
The US torpedo squadrons at Midway 1942- an unavoidable sacrifice?
The 15 planes of Torpedo 8 form up and head away from the USS Hornet on the morning of June 4, 1942. None of these planes would ret
by pete hill
Soviet air losses in WW2 vs german claims
I stumbled upon a discussion from years ago that treated the topic of numbers of soviet losses during WW2 at the hands of the luftwaffe. Sadly that discussion seems locked so I'll just point out some ...
by RAMjb
Re: Castrating Germans
The name of the booklet was 'Germany must perish', the name of the author was Theodore N. Kaufman, a completely unknown NYC businessman running a theatre ticket agency, publishing the book on his ...
by Scoundrel
Re: British Semi-automatic rifle?
... that the U.S. developed the Garand in peacetime, and that it did not enter the war until the end of 1941, and that even in 1941 men were training with the Springfield bolt-action. I doubt that even ...
by ltwalt
Re: Most Famous Person To Die In Combat In WWII
Gold medal for boxing in Berlin in 1936 was killed in action in Crete in 1941. I believe he was a paratrooper there (not exactly sure).
by Sounder
Re: How close ware the germans to getting a nuclear bomb
Hey Jade! :). I'm currently using a public computer. I don't want to write any of my passwords in a computer that I don't use exclusively - that's why I'm not using my account. Mike: America ...
What were the Japanese losses at Pearl Harbour?
... ? The Japanese attack on the US Navy's Pacific Fleet's base at Pearl Harbour, Oahu on 7th December 1941 achieved complete surprise and caused considerable damage to US forces on the island of Oahu. ...
by pete hill
Re: Raf radar station dingli cliff malta 1940/44
Hi Bill, I've just found this discussion thread, to my delight. I'm currently editing my late father's autobiography, in which he has written about his time at 504 AMES, which he was in charge of ...
by Merryd
How was life for ordinary people in Germany during the Third Reich ?
Credit for this post goes to Jake from London. I read Allen's book on the Nazi "seizure of power" which is mistitled; the Nazis were actually voted in. Democratically! The benefits of the early ...
by Jake from London
World War II U.S. pilot program
World War II in Africa. Aircraft cockpit view.
During World War 2, the US launched the Sergeant Pilots program from 1941 - 1945. The program was initiated after the government recognized that there were not enough college graduates or a ...
by Marra M
Why Japan could not have invaded the continental USA
... that American soldiers today are much more technologically advanced than Japanese soldiers were in 1941). Japan never could have invaded. Hypothetically though, let's say they did. Millions and ...
by pete hill
Re: Did hitler say that he would kill all the jews and if so when?
... After the invasion of Poland in September 1939, the extermination of European Jewry began. In July 1941, Goring told ...
by Quiltlady
Re: Japanese invasion of US mainland reasonable?
... Japanese could have attempted an invasion of the North American mainland. Remember that the entire 1941-1942 south pacific campaign was accomplished with only 10 divisions. The rest of the Japanese ...
by dickson
Re: What kind of oath Did the ss soldiers have to take to join
True The Waffen SS did commit crimes against enemy soldiers but one has to put into perspective the fact that The Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin when war broke out showed less concern about their ...
by Alfreds Blekis
Computer's, Torpedoes, and You - Hedy Lamarr and WWII
Hedy Lamarr and torpedo technology are not things we ordinarily associate with one another. In spite of this, they are, in fact, interconnected. The famous actress and sex symbol had a deep ...
by JamesHinton
Re: Looking for information about the 507 Parachute Infantry Regiment.
I have a file of corespondence and documents sent to me by Major J.S.Milman who was inb one of the units of the Middle East Commandos. Glancing through the file now I note the following excerpts ...
by Heath Patrie
The US torpedo squadrons at Midway 1942- An unavoidable sacrifice?
The 15 planes of Torpedo 8 form up and head away from the USS Hornet on the morning of June 4, 1942. None of these planes would return.On June 4th, 1942, the Battle of Midway saw the United States ...
by pete hill
Re: American aircraft airborne DURING Pearl Harbor Attack
My father was in the Army Signal Corp. stationed at Schofield Barracks December 7, 1941. It was on Sunday morning and it was his day off. He was learning to fly on his own time. In my father flying ...
by Terry

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