How close ware the germans to getting a nuclear bomb
how close ware the germans to getting a nuclear bomb
by Guest
Atomic Bomb on USS Indianapolis when sunk?
I know that the USS Indianapolis carried the components for the 'Little Boy' atomic bomb and successfilly delivered them to Tinian on 26 July 1945. Rumor has it were there components for another ...
by cihotefol
Atomic bomb vs. fire bombing?
Many people claim somehow that using the atomic bomb against Japan was 'immoral'. They claim the war could have been won using 'conventional' methods instead. I'm curious as to what the reasoning ...
by mortimer
What does a star above a bomb mean? (Victory Tallies)
I was watching the memphis belle, and noticed that above the bomb mission tallies, there were sometimes stars above the bombs. What does this mean?
by FireMedic
Why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor?
I have no idea, someone help me.
by mmurph2
What were the pros and cons of dropping the atomic bomb during WW2?
What were the pros and cons of the U.S. dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II? Pro: Dropping the bomb ended the war a lot faster. Had operation Olympic ...
by Elkabong
File folder from Hitlers bomb shelter!
Let me start by stating that I am strongly opposed to what Nazism stands for and that the atrocities committed under their reign still shock me when I'm confronted with them, but what Mr Green wrote ...
by juel
Pros/Cons of dropping the bomb
Can anybody help me in regards to books that delve with the pros and cons of dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. What is the consensus in here, should we have or did we make a mistake?
by Attiyah Zahdeh
Japanese bomb Hawaii in 1943
I believe you are thinking of the two H8K2 'Emily' flying boats which bombed Oahu the night of March 4/5 1942. Their lack of results was caused by cloud cover obscuring the target area rather than ...
by kdanforth
B29 and the A-Bomb
How did the B29s avoid having their electronics, in particular their ignition systems, disabled from the emp resulting from the atomic bomb explosion?
by jmb2fly
What are the pros and the cons of a ww2 bomb shelter
what are the pros and the cons of a ww2 bomb shelter
by Guest
Atomic Bomb Components Bartered from Nazi Germany?
A researcher, Carter Hydrick, has 'announced finding that the American atomic bomb program used components developed by Nazi Germany, including enriched uranium, to fabricate at least one of the ...
by angiras
Education about atomic bomb
Education about history is important. I would like to know how are you tought about atomic bomb in your country. Maybe different countries teach different way. Especially I'm interested in American ...
by Shea
British atomic bomb ?
Hi there, Is it true that Britain started an atomic bomb programme before the start of World War II ? If so, could Britain have developed it on its own ? (assuming a slow, incremental process rather ...
by angiras
Why comtting atrocities is bad (was RE: A bomb: do the math)
Can you give me a source please? I assume you are referring to Dresden. On Jan 27, 1945, cities were again given a higher priority. The new operation, codenamed THUNDERCLAP, was intended to support a ...
by Sweety
Why was the atomic bomb unjustified or not needed?
why was the atomic bomb unjustified or not needed?
by Guest
Star above bomb on cockpit talley
bomb stencils indicate a bombing mission, what does a bomb stencil with a star above it mean?
by Jbragg
Looking for a history of the 15th Bomb. Squadron
I'm looking for any one who knows where I may find a history of the 15th Bomb. Sqaurdron. I've been able to locate information about them when they were in England in 1942. I know they were ...
by Chip
What did the bomb symbols on the raf world war 2 planes mean
:huh: what did the bomb symbols on the raf world war 2 planes mean
by Guest
Did the US bomb communists in northern Greece in the 1940s?
I was wondering if there was someone out there who could help me with this question. I know the US and the UK were very concerned about a possible communist takeover in Greece, and supplied a great ...
by europaslayer
What are the Pros and Cons of the atomic bomb dropping on ww2
What are the Pros and Cons of the atomic bomb dropping on ww2
by Guest
Fw: A bomb: do the math
Sir, what _exactly_did Bomber Command due to suddenly escalate to Hamburg in 1943????????? You keep making this claim. I am still challenging you to back it up with what *EXACTLTY* Bomber Command to ...
by freerap
Re: Reason for Japan not invading continental US
it sure as hell scared the USA. Do you know the Purple Hearts given out today were made in anticipation of the USA invading mainland Japan? When the president reviewed expected causalities in such an ...
by noah
Would a "Rifleman 745" have been assigned to a bomb squadron in the Army Ai...
Would a "Rifleman 745" have been assigned to a bomb squadron in the Army Air Force during WWII? My father had that MOS and I had always believed that he served in the Infantry with Army Ground ...
by dga99
Victory tallies (enemy flags or symbols) on planes and ships
... number of victories over enemy planes that they are credited with. Bomber crews did the same, plus bomb symbols (was each bomb a hit on a target, a ...
by Alexosar
Re: If the maori battalion had of joined the german army would hitler won the w...
No your clearly retarded..did you think the maori went to war with wood and stone clubs during WW2? If you people bother to research the Maori often utilized the weapons of the enemy against ...
by mb68nz
Was the US Navy Pacific Fleet 'destroyed' at Pearl Harbor?
'Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor' by R G Smith A common description of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 is that it 'destroyed' the US Navy's Pacific Fleet moored there. The ...
by pete hill
Re: Waffen SS in North Africa
Rommel was active in the plot. At least as much as people as Beck or Kluge were. They all knew it was going to happen, they all accepted that it was going to happen, and they'd all have accepted ...
by RAMjb
Re: What if Britain has surrendered???
> Victory for Germany. Yes it could have been done had the Germans made a solid commitment to taking the Island. As it was, the invasion of Russia took priority. All of the naysay
by Lalalalar
Re: Post War destruction of German War Material
Victorious allies attempted to pick over German munitions technology fairly thoroughly after VE Day, cf. seizure of V2 rockets and scientific staff for postwar examination in Britain and the USA. An ...
by Mortisluter
Re: Was the263rd infantry division, division 66 involved in the...
Roxanne, I believe the secret to this mystery lies in the book, titled "For whom the whistle blows 546. I believe it is the forth scan down. Looks like the introduction to the book. It is very blurry ...
by Panther/Historian
What happened to non-British Dunkirk evacuees
the >war for his acts) As far as I know, there was a line of defence through the middle of France and many units were transported from Dunkirk and the Belgian beaches of La Panne (only a few miles ...
by freerap
Re: Did Hitler Survive the War?
for the OP: Hitler died at Berlin as the official sources say. Soviet forensic evidence collected near the Führerbunker after it's capture was plenty to confirm it. Circunstancial evidence is plain ...
by RAMjb
Re: Howitizer vs mortar
Finnish military language has inherited many words from German - either translated or adapted for Finnish language. Original 'mortar' ('mF6rssE4ri' in Finnish, 'mF6rser'? in German) tended to ...
by mortimer
The meaning of the war symbols on a plane
Fighter Pilot
... estroyed while providing support in a missions that involved a ground offensive. Similarly, for any bomber, the tally marks are indicative of all the destruction caused on ground by the dropping of ...
by Asif Nadeem
Computer's, Torpedoes, and You - Hedy Lamarr and WWII
Hedy Lamarr and torpedo technology are not things we ordinarily associate with one another. In spite of this, they are, in fact, interconnected. The famous actress and sex symbol had a deep ...
by JamesHinton
Re: Military Base in Hiroshima in WW2?
Actually in a sense it was just another bomb. The destruction of Tokyo and Dresden with conventional firebombing was comparable to that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The difference was in numbers. In ...
by irony
The story of "Lady be Good"
... resting and mysterious event for the war history fans. Here is a brief account:Lady Be GoodIt was a bomber plane in the USAF during World War II, and its model number was B-24D Liberator with the ...
by Asif Nadeem
Re: Bomber Command
... nd if I ask a question of you Art. I Don't know if you would know the answer or not. You know those bombs that skipped off the water, that were used to attack the Roer dams? Could any bomb do that? ...
by Mespo_Man
Re: If Hitler had been captured
... airpower as he said he would.lost the Battle of Britain,claimed that the British would never drop a bomb on Germany,told Hitler ...
by Alex

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