Air War Over Europe: Allied vs Axis kill ratios
Who had the higher kill ratio in air war over europe, the allies or germans? My perception was that more Allied crewmen were lost (as in killled or wounded since all captured crewman would be allied) ...
by hotelend
Touring WWII sites in europe
There are some dutch-english books to drive your own guided tour over the marketgarden battle fields. Their are two books part 1 goes from belguim to nijmegen the second one from nijmegen to Arnhem ...
by Mathefblow
List of American soldiers burried in Europe?
Hi, Are there lists on the internet of American soldiers killed in WWII in Europe? Are there list of American soldiers burried in Europe (France)? Thank you for your help. Joseph Galron
by cihotefol
Re Why US entered the war in Europe
The reason why the US entered the war in Europe in simple, and that is that Hitler declared on the US just after Pearl Harbour and that gave Churchill, who was half American, the chance to persuade ...
by Mortisluter
Has anyone heard of a company in ww2 Europe called the cryin lyons
has anyone heard of a company in ww2 Europe called the cryin lyons
by Guest
Who was the British Admiral who thwarted Napolean's attempts to rule all of Europe?
Who was the British Admiral who thwarted Napolean's attempts to rule all of Europe and what was the name of the battle?
by Vale
16th Cavalry Squadron-WWII in Europe
Are records available for 16th Cavalry Group, 16th Cavalry Squadron in WWII in Europe?
by Curious
What would the life of a teenager living in Europe during th...
What would the life of a teenager living in Europe during the time of World War II be like? I'm doing a research project for history and I need to prepare a presentation on this. I would prefer the ...
by Guest
Re: Best Soldiers at WW2?
The same can be said of the BEF in 1940. I would choose the Soviets. They fought back from the brink of annihilation to liberate their country and all of Eastern Europe and then went on to occupy the ...
by dfc2soft
Re: Help: Recommend a comprehensive WWII history book?
I would recommend getting John Keegan's 'The Battle for History: Re-Fighting World War II.' It is an excellent survey of the histography of the war and makes many suggestions for further reading. It ...
by Lambofsatan
Re: Reason for Japan not invading continental US
You are incorrect. In fact, Hitler and his generals declined to invade Switzerland based heavily on the fact that the population was heavily armed (also, the mountainous terrain would have made an ...
by bort
I'm trying to find where my uncle who served in the army in Europe and was ...
i'm trying to find where my uncle who served in the army in Europe and was killed in ww2 is buried
by patrick lynch
Re: Why did Hitler kill Jews ????
I doubt that there will be a consensus about why. Among the reasons are that he hated Jews. It is also a pretty common tactic of authoritarian governments to single out easily identifiable groups to ...
by DuaneW
Re: Allied versus Russian Aircraft during WWII
There was a window of approximately 4 years where permanently eradicating the Russian ability for imperialistic designs on Europe and the world would have been relatively, and I emphasize relatively ...
by Joe Freeman
Re: What ended the WW1?
Heya there. Indeed, the germans had not only the capability to do it, but they were on the brink of achieving it. While it's true that the German Spring 1918 offensives stalled out without american ...
by RAMjb
Flight Officer Rank - US Army Air Forces
I've been doing a bit of research regarding B-24 operations over Europe and have come across the rank of 'Flight Officer' in the US Army Air Forces. The two Flight Officers about whom I've read were ...
by dslonline
Germany's mistakes during World War 1
Credit for this post goes to Mark Tercsak. Many people incorrectly blame Germany for the start of World War 1. Germany was involved but they did not start it. It was started by the assassination ...
by Vale
Re: Why were the german people biased against the jews?
The prejudice was formed on a base of old beliefs that had no relation with reality. Jews in Europe came in all shapes sizes and beliefs. The German Jews were as educated, cultured and clean as other ...
by jade
Re: Why did the Germans kill Jews?
A major factor in this might be that jews traditionally (several hundred years ago) had been forbidden to own land, and thus could't work as pessants. One of the factors in the Danish jews being ...
by trapdoor
Re: How close ware the germans to getting a nuclear bomb
The forerunner of today’s cruise missiles was inspired by the V-1 Buzz bombs this bomb and V-2 was developed in the secret German rocket facility. It was use six days after D-Day Invasion of ...
by Marra M
Re: What happened to the small arms after a battle
MANY years ago, in one of the gun magazines, I read an article by a former US soldier who had been part of a group who was responsible for disposing of German weapons after WWII. It must have been ...
by JoninFla
The Allied Control Council
Ally Occupied Germany 1947 Allied Control Council or Allied Control Authority refers to the Four Powers composed of United States, Soviet Union, Great Britain and France (France may have been a ...
by Marra M
Two of the most spectacular victories in Australia's military history
Australian military history is full of spectacular victories when outnumbered, from WW1 to Vietnam. World War Two: The Kokoda Campaign, New Guinea In World War II, the most famous is the Kokoda ...
by Davrod
Intentionalists or Structralists the debate between Historians
The debate between Historians. i am interested to see what readers of this NG thought on the subject below? i have included a brief summary of the general views of different Historians. these are the ...
by Grogs1
Re: Corsair vrs German Planes
Hello 'C.C.Jordan' Until now I have never heard of the Navy Corsair flying in combat agst Nazi airplanes. Can you tell me what USAF in Europe or the Med. they were used? Thank you, Irwin
by manau
Re: Why didnt Hitler invade Sweden?
Sweden's role wasn't one to be particularly proud of. The main reason they weren't invaded was that they were worth more to the Germans as a 'neutral' state. Sweden kept up a thriving trade with ...
by klauzniksam
Re: Was the263rd infantry division, division 66 involved in the...
Dear Ma'am Of course the 66th Div. were called the Panthermen. In German, an armored Division is called a Panzer Division. All I can say about the Bulge is that my dad was not there in the time ...
by Indybuster
Re: Did it bother the German soldiers killing Jewish children and women during ...
Prior to the U. S. Entry into WW 2, there is a story about European Jew's who were on board a ship, they requested, to enter the U. S. A. The FDR administration denied them entry and we're ...
by Mark Tercsak
German soldiers performance verses Allied soldiers
I doubt if very many German soldiers who served in Normandy would agree with that. The Germans lost almost 40 divisions in less than 3 months. Now that is some truly frightening high speed mass ...
by Wayne McCoy
Re: What if Britain has surrendered???
The US could be fighting on Russian soil. It is an interesting situation, could supply lines be created? Would Japan attack US shipping destined for the USSR? If Japan declares war on the USSR, the ...
by teraklingeru
Terrorism and The Cold War
This Blog was originally a response to Kiwiguys's question in "Cold War Versus Modern Terrorism". The Cold War and terrorism are not directly connected. Less small wars happened during the CW, to ...
by Davrod
Re: Did Hitler Survive the War?
RAMjb is a moron. The Soviets had much more on their plate after WWII than just developing a weapon, with which to win a war that they had already won..... They had no reason for an A Bomb until ...
by Smarter Than You
Re: HMS Copra
Hms Drake is a land based unit AKA HMNB Devonport. The West Country and the Royal Navy go back a long way. The ships that defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588 sailed from the mouth of the River Plym, ...
by Mick
Could a single person have changed the outcome of World War Two?
If so, then that man was 2 IC to Hitler call Rudolph Hess; a man of 6 foot + stature, and possibly the only gentleman of the hierarchy when you look at Himmler, Goebbels, Goring, and all the ...
by VonArnold
Re: Atomic bomb vs. fire bombing?
It is worth noting that while bombed cities have been rebuilt in Europe and Asia without especially ill effects, Hiroshima and Nagasaki continue (almost 64 years later) to suffer from the lingering ...
by DavisGL
Computer's, Torpedoes, and You - Hedy Lamarr and WWII
Hedy Lamarr and torpedo technology are not things we ordinarily associate with one another. In spite of this, they are, in fact, interconnected. The famous actress and sex symbol had a deep ...
by JamesHinton
POW camps in the US during WWII
I knew a fair number of ex-POWS who stayed in the states after the war or returned shortly after. The US camps treated their prisoners better than those held by Germany or Japan. Many a POW at ...
by Elkabong
What happened to non-British Dunkirk evacuees
the >war for his acts) As far as I know, there was a line of defence through the middle of France and many units were transported from Dunkirk and the Belgian beaches of La Panne (only a few miles ...
by freerap
Re: Why did adolf hitler kill some many jews for no reason?
That's complete nonsense. He had no Jewish origins. Antisemitism was very common in Europe at the time and Jews were killed because of it long before Hitler came to power. The Nazis only brought it ...
by jade
World War II: The Bruneval raid
Villa Stella Maris
Bruneval Bruneval Raid The Raid was also known as Operation Biting. It was an operation conducted on night of the 27th-28th of February, 1942, by British Forces against a German radar ...
by Asif Nadeem

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