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how did the world war two affect maoari(at the war andn on the home front)

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What would be your thinking on this?
Every family had at least 1 son or daughter that was in service. Food shortage, gas, cloth,rubber, and lots of other items that we take for granted were in short supply.

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Hi..........I'm a Maori and was told 'stories' by my Uncles who were in WW2 as Italian prisoners. How did it affect the Maoris?....to put it plainly, Uncle said it was the BEST European holdiay he had ever had!!!!! now, how true were those stories???...errrrr, you would have had to meet my Uncle!!! hard case, always in trouble with my Mum - his elder sister, and a ton of fun for a 8 yo boy back in the 50's! he portrayed himself as a kinda WW2 Rambo (our modern term) and said that living in an Italian POW camp was a breeze. Apparently they arrived later in the war and because of congestion in other (normal) POW camps his lot were moved to a seaside 'holiday' camp that had only 5 foot fences and small huts for 6.....they treated it as a bloody good Italian holiday!!!!
The real reason I am here on this forum is that I have a basic script for a real movie that tells of 5 Maori blokes who had Italian adventures as POW's in 1943 where they were employed outside of the camp. One story was that a beautiful young Italian lady knocked on one of the Uncles doors in 1968? and introduced herself as his daughter. Uncle was a labourer in an Italian bakery for a year and made friends with a local Italian maiden......he left town 2 weeks before the maiden found out her tummy was full of Maori!!!

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