its a debate topic: WHY SHOULD JAPAN BE ARMED? I AM IN AGREE...

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its a debate topic: WHY SHOULD JAPAN BE ARMED? I AM IN AGREEMENT THAT Japan should be armed. but am not a historian any ideas or reasons i can state.

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a chinese

unfortunately, I don't have the answer you nid. Japanese do not deserve to have army. If they do, it's another war.(although german do allow to have their army.)

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I believe there was some amount of racism in the fact that Germany was allowed to have some kind of an army while Japan wasn't. I think Japan is not that keen about having an army right now since an army much more government expenses and much more taxes to support it.

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Japan is under its own constitutional set by MacArthur, where it can only maintain a self defense force. Its been roughly 70 years and I feel they have the right to up arm themselves, mainly at the threats China, North Korea And even Russia have made in recent years. They did recently launch a heli-carrier to bolster their navy.

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