Nazi Belt Buckle
I have recently come across a belt buckle featuring a swastika in the center, the words 'Gott mit uns' across the top, and a tree growing from the bottom and surrounding the swastika. Does anyone ...
by trapdoor
Atomic Bomb Components Bartered from Nazi Germany?
A researcher, Carter Hydrick, has 'announced finding that the American atomic bomb program used components developed by Nazi Germany, including enriched uranium, to fabricate at least one of the ...
by angiras
The Day I Met A Nazi Spy
In 1993 I made my way to a luncheon for survivors of U Boats from World War 2. Most had been killed during the war. I met Otto Kretschmer, the most decorated and successful of all Navy officers on ...
by Mike Flores
What Nazi Concentration Camps Were In Austria?!?
I am trying to help my granpa remember what Nazi concentration camps were in Austria. This is because he was head of a tank platoon that destroyed the camp in Austria where Hitler wrote his book in ...
by Sounder
Was Rommel a Nazi Part Member?
He was, but I don't think that he practiced any of the Nazi things though.
by klauzniksam
Nazi Racial Policy
Hello, I am having an argument with a friend of mine regarding Nazi racial policy, and I was wondering what your input on our disagreement would be: My friend argues; 'Hitler believed in the ...
by questura
Nazi flags on German ships?
Hi there, I just got an orig. Nazi party flag. it has the following markings: I've been told this is a flag for a ship, anyone know what sort of ship would have a flag 100cm x 170cm ? Anyone any more ...
by kdanforth
How did the nazi's get away with the holocaust for the amoun...
how did the nazi's get away with the holocaust for the amount of time te did
by Guest
What were "odessa"'s plans to extract high level nazi's out ...
what were "odessa"'s plans to extract high level nazi's out of Germany? Including Hitler? Has any pen and paper documents ever been found or were most destroyed?
by walt
What happened to blacks living in Nazi Germany during wwll???we're they kil...
What happened to blacks living in Nazi Germany during wwll???we're they killed,in the German army or opened in factories??
by Guest
Did the FN-Browning P-35-Nazi marked,come with plastic grips...
Did the FN-Browning P-35-Nazi marked,come with plastic grips?
by Guest
Gosch Nazi Flag 50x85 CM
I came across a Nazi flag in some of a family relatives belongings. It has a note clipped to saying Taken off a dead German Sargent Battle of the Bulge. Any ideas if its real or value? ...
by Keith
Nazi Soldiers
answered my reply, refuting what I said. I stand by my answers: 1- It is Soldbuch, not Wehrpass. I don't know what a Wehrpass is. I never had one. I still have my Soldbuch and can look at it any time ...
by Ricimer
What was the group dynamics of the Nazi party? What caused t...
What was the group dynamics of the Nazi party? What caused them to go from being a rational socialist party to killing the majority of the Jewish population?
by Guest
Nazi Organization Chart
Is there a web source that would give an organization chart of the German government during the War? I am looking for the names of the Reich Foreign Office and Ministry of Finance and their ...
by Arnorld
Execution of Nazi collaborators
the names look very polish to me
by dfc2soft
Fabrique National Browning HP-P-35.Nazi markings.Were these ...
Fabrique National Browning HP-P-35.Nazi markings.Were these pistols issued with brown bakelite grips?Number 2-on the inside of one and number 3 on the inside of the other.
by Guest
Why did the nazi's kill the jews in the holocaust?
why did the nazi's kill the jews in the holocaust?
by Guest
What is the name of the Nazi supergun that could fire across the English Channel?
This model was preceded by two others. It was built into a hill and was capable of firing from France to England thanks to a multicharge firing system. There were two guns built, but only one was ...
by Vale
Whos Who in Nazi Germany
I have the book: Who's who in Nazi Germany by Robert Wistrich and seek other similar type books. I am looking for concise information on personalities of the Third Reich in alphabetical order.
by juanorez
What was it like to be Jewish under the Nazi regime prior to WWII?
Helga Romes Passport
In order to understand the persecution of Jews at the hands of Hitler, before the World War 2, following is a short glimpse of the state of Jews under Nazi Regime before 1939:- 1. ...
by Asif Nadeem
Nazi Propaganda
Which agency generally controlled propaganda in Nazi Germany? Is it true that upon the conclusion of hostilities between the US and Germany, that many of the propagandist were allowed to immigrate ...
by Renaissance Man
Nazi forced sterilization, , Nuremberg trials.....
I was wondering if anyone had any specific info or cites on a specific subject that was covered by the post war War Cr
by dfc2soft
What aspects of the Nazi Regime actions can be attributed to the power of t...
What aspects of the Nazi Regime actions can be attributed to the power of the situation rather than the will of the individual?
Who answered to who throughout the entire Nazi Party? This includes militar...
Who answered to who throughout the entire Nazi Party? This includes military, paramilitary, kill squads, Gestapo, SA, SS, SD, and any other entity within the Nazi Party. I've only been studying this ...
by Guest
Re: Gustav Winter was supposed to be 1 of Hitlers High ranking o...
where is the link? I knew someone when I was a child by the name of kalinski in san diego California and he claimed that as a Nazi officer he visited there , his wife owned a ballet school, and they ...
by historyme
Re: Reason for Japan not invading continental US
... sponse to Japan's invasion of China, which had been in place for several years. When Japan joined nazi Germany and Italy, in 1940, is when the most serious embargo was put in place. But the US ...
by Torchmanner
I have a nazi flag about 3.5x4.5 with a red background with ...
i have a nazi flag about 3.5x4.5 with a red background with a black iron cross in center with a anchor over that with a black swastika over both . my address <email> thanks for any help
by Guest
Who was this Nazi doctor that is referred to as the Angel of Death?
He was said to sew together set of twins from the back to create Siamese twins.
by Marra M
Are there any nazi solder leaving today
well i hope someone knows
by anthonylthr
Re: Why did Hitler kill Jews ????
The Nazi ideology was based on the idea that the Aryan was the supreme human being. Remember that, even at this time, the Jews were not well liked in Germany or, for that matter, in most parts of ...
by Scoundrel
Re: Who did Adolf Hitler kill? Did he like blonde hair, blue eye...
He did not only kill Jews but he killed Gypsies, Poles and other Slavs, and people with physical or mental disabilities. Others were Nazi victims because of what they did. These victims of the Nazi ...
by Shelby
Re: Does the Hitler family name still survive?
I have a book 'Hitler's Children' by Gerald Posner (William Heinemann, 1991). The author interviews the surviving children of many of the Nazi leaders. I haven't read it for some years, but in it the ...
by juel
Was the US Navy Pacific Fleet 'destroyed' at Pearl Harbor?
Henry Ford and Hitler kept photos of each other in their offices. Of course it wasn't limited to Republicans. Joe Kennedy was the ambassador to London during the battle of Britain and was convinced ...
by Imhotep
U-Boats in the Hudson River
Once I believe I read of a report of a German submarine which supposedly had actually penetrated New York Harbor and sailed north in the Hudson to rendevous with Nazi spies at Ossining . Anybody else ...
by Sweety
Intentionalists or Structralists the debate between Historians
The debate between Historians. i am interested to see what readers of this NG thought on the subject below? i have included a brief summary of the general views of different Historians. these are the ...
by Grogs1
Re: Corsair vrs German Planes
Hello 'C.C.Jordan' Until now I have never heard of the Navy Corsair flying in combat agst Nazi airplanes. Can you tell me what USAF in Europe or the Med. they were used? Thank you, Irwin
by manau
Re: Waffen SS in North Africa
Rommel was active in the plot. At least as much as people as Beck or Kluge were. They all knew it was going to happen, they all accepted that it was going to happen, and they'd all have accepted ...
by RAMjb
Re: What ended the WW1?
we're wandering into dangerous territory here because like it or not, little factors turn out to be large,powerful factors if the conditions are right. By 1918 there was no way to tell that an ...
by RAMjb
Did a German Soldier really kill 2000 allied soldiers with an mg-42 on Omaha beach?
Credit for this post goes to shooterike. I ran across this tale while doing research on the effectiveness of the WW2 German military. This was years ago, and at that time there were German Army ...
by Vale

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