Soviet air losses in WW2 vs german claims
I stumbled upon a discussion from years ago that treated the topic of numbers of soviet losses during WW2 at the hands of the luftwaffe. Sadly that discussion seems locked so I'll just point out some ...
by RAMjb
Wehrmacht /SS Soldiers in Guerilla action Post WW2 in Soviet Union?
I have always been curious about this, and Dr Google is blandly void of info in the matter... What kind of Guerilla/Resistance action took place in the Soviet Union AFTER WW2 by former Wehrmacht and ...
by Elkabong
Soviet War Attrocities
Now as many people are discussing the War attrocities of the Germans, let me ask you if the 'Eastern allies' were as cruel as the Germans or less than.
by Mespo_Man
Avoid the soviet explaination, it is false.
Not a question. Hiter's body was cremated for 3 hours, producing enough ash to fill a small container, but without ground bones. Apparently Artur Axemann took the ashes to Bavaria and mixed them in ...
by Guest
Did the Soviet Army inflict more casualties in June and July 1944, then the...
Did the Soviet Army inflict more casualties in June and July 1944, then the Allies in France and Italy?
by Guest
Soviet offensive, Jan-Mar 43
How is it commonly referred to ? I tried googling for operation 'Star' and 'Gallop' and found pretty much
by lakid
Any info on Soviet 122mm tank gun (used on IS-III)
Would like to have even basic info on the 122mm high velocity gun used in the IS series heavy tanks- like muzzle velocity, weight, calibre. Any armor penetration data would be appreciated also. The ...
by Heath Patrie
German Tanks vs Soviet Tanks
I'm working on a WWII tabletop game with my college group and I'm curious if anyone knows some statistics on battles between these specific tanks Soviet Tanks: KV-1, KV-2, T-34/85, T-34/76, IS-2, ...
by MindlessGOAT
Allied and Soviet aircraft losses
Yevgeniy Chizhikov (or Mike Fester) or whatever his ...
by Lalalalar
D-day in Soviet propaganda
how was the D-day used in soviet propaganda. I know the Russians had been 'nagging' about an 2'nd front in 41/42 to take the preasure of
by manau
Any Books on Soviet Intelligence 1941?
Historians and buffs of WWII, Any decent books on what the Reds knew during WWII out there? Happy Holidays,
by Sweety
Trivia - What was the birth name given to the Soviet leader who came after Lenin?
This is not the last name most people know him by, but it's the one that he was originally born with... What was it? A. Stalin B. Ulyanov C. Dzhugashvili D. Khrushchev
by Vale
Re: Best Soldiers at WW2?
This is a question which can never be answered. For one thing, the answer could be very different if one compares the performance of entire national armies, or performance of select units within each ...
by hotelend
Re: Name of German Soldier that killed 2000 allied soldiers with...
I am sorry to inform you Mr. Wrathmen but you are point blank incorrect. One does have to elevate the thought and remember that right behind all those Red Army soldiers was the Soviet NKVD WHO WERE ...
by Alfreds Blekis
Re: Reason for Japan not invading continental US
I guess you have never heard of the Afghan mujahideen The term is most frequently used in reference to the self named Afghan mujahideen, the guerrilla fighters who battled the Soviet army from 1979 ...
by Scaley Neck
In Operation Barbarossa who had the better air and sea artillery, Soviet Un...
In Operation Barbarossa who had the better air and sea artillery, Soviet Union or Germany?
by Guest
Norway, Finland, Soviet Union at ww2
I'm studying topic "The activity of secret services during ww2 on the north". May be somebody could name books about espionage and intelligence in this region?
by Labrador
Which extermination camps did Heinrich Himmler originally intend to use for Soviet POWs?
Which extermination camps did Heinrich Himmler originally intend to use for Soviet POWs?
by Vale
Re: Victory tallies (enemy flags or symbols) on planes and ships
Soviet Air Force painted red stars on fighters for number of victories. Kozhedub and Pokryshkin fighters look very impressive on photos with 50+ red stars.
by JudMc
Was the US Navy Pacific Fleet 'destroyed' at Pearl Harbor?
If the Japanese had managed to destroy more of the ships that day, it would not have really affected the outcome. Once the US industrial machine really kicked in, Japan had no hope. The Japanese were ...
by pete hill
Re: Allied versus Russian Aircraft during WWII
Soviet aircraft were flying coffins according to the soviet air marshal Pavel Rychagov in 1941, who was shot by Stalin for making this remark
by Ajit kanagasundram
Re: Why did the Germans kill Jews?
of these killed Jews? A thousand, perhaps more. Mr. Altmann, Thank you for that excellent summary. It is the best one page explanation of the background to the Holocaust I have read. My disagreeme
by Heath Patrie
Re: What ended the WW1?
I'm afraid not, given human nature and the grasping nature of Empires. If the Americans hadn't committed ground troops to the war(sticking to an all naval response to the U-boats)and if the mentally ...
by reddyeddy69
Re: How close ware the germans to getting a nuclear bomb
to start a atomic weapons program " most of russian soviet union" burned down to the ground, america spent 30% gpd and was allmost broke and bult only 3 atomic bombs your proof soviet union could ...
by mike
Re: Did it bother the German soldiers killing Jewish children and women during ...
I'm still searching for book references for A. Eichmann. Meanwhile, I did find another on this link. It contains this info. ...
by kachina
Re: What happened to the small arms after a battle
The answers to that are as varied as the armies and battlefields. An efficient fighting force that wins a fight of any size would gather up or destroy all weapons and ammunition in the field. This ...
by reddyeddy69
The Allied Control Council
Ally Occupied Germany 1947 Allied Control Council or Allied Control Authority refers to the Four Powers composed of United States, Soviet Union, Great Britain and France (France may have been a ...
by Marra M
Re: What if Britain has surrendered???
> Victory for Germany. Yes it could have been done had the Germans made a solid commitment to taking the Island. As it was, the invasion of Russia took priority. All of the naysay
by Lalalalar
Re: Post War destruction of German War Material
Ex-German materiel ended up EVERYWHERE, from Syria (PzKpfW IVs) to a friend's uncle's closet (MP40). The French used a lot of ex-German equipment including French built Fiesler Storch light aircraft ...
by dflaim
What were the pros and cons of dropping the atomic bomb during WW2?
What were the pros and cons of the U.S. dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II? Pro: Dropping the bomb ended the war a lot faster. Had operation Olympic ...
by Elkabong
Re: German soldiers performance verses Allied soldiers
I disagree. The Germans lost about 2,200 (and possibly more) tanks and SP guns in Normandy. Ten Panzer Divisions and about forty divisions overall were almost completely wiped out in eleven weeks. ...
by Wayne McCoy
Re: German Pistols...
IIRC the production ended in 1942, at least in large scale. There was a specific full automatic version of the Mauser called Schnellfeuer. It was manufactured in the thirties. ... One should note ...
by kdanforth
Re: Did Hitler Survive the War?
That Forensic evidence was found to be that of a female there has never been any forensic evidence to suggest Hitler died in the bunker.Furthermore Soviet accounts are as accurate as you want to ...
by mermmmmmm4444
Re: What kind of oath Did the ss soldiers have to take to join
I am not trying to justify any kind of act of crime made by any side but when it came to talking about the eastern front that was a different matter. For sure it was a crime to take a person as ...
by Alfreds Blekis
Re: Atomic bomb vs. fire bombing?
... ts anyway. over 60 of their major cities had been destroyed by conventional bombing. number 2. the soviet union was going to invade the pacific, which would have ...
by emlee
Could the Allies have defeated Russia after World War II?
Credit for this post goes to Joe Freeman. Soviet MiG 31 Foxhound The Russians had excellent ground attack aircraft, (Sturmovik series) and their fighters were not to be despised up to around ...
by Vale
What motivated the Japanese to be kamikaze bombers?
The Japanese were basically indoctrinated in the years before the war, " All for the emperor and the greater good of Japan. " They were willing, cheerfully, to die for the Emperor and get that one ...
by Elkabong
Re: If Hitler had been captured
... lot of the German Army Group B and Don later. They bought a priceless time delaying the subsequent soviet offensives along all ...
by RAMjb
Russian war effort
Is there anyone else out there who beleives, as I do ,that Soviet war effort was the key to victory in world war two? When the Allies landed at Normandy in 1944, the bulk of the German forces were ...
by Attiyah Zahdeh
The Panzer badge
Soviet War Memorial (Tiergarten)
The word 'panzer' means tank (or armored vehicle) in German. The Panzer Badge was designed in 1939 to honor troops that had displayed extreme courage in the face of the enemy. A number of variants ...
by Asif Nadeem

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